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About us

The idea behind Aujoy was simple:     

Beauty should be easy. 

Aujoy was founded by a mother-daughter team that is focused on helping you "be good to yourself". ♡
We are creating the best version of products that everyone uses, while also giving you the
benefits of mulberry silk and wellness botanicals. Inspired by the wonderful qualities of silk,
we are now developing other products to help you feel your best.
champagne silk scrunchie and flowers

Feeling loved and luxurious can be a simple part of your daily routine, and it makes all the difference.

We are focused on never sacrificing quality. Luxury should be available
to everyone. Aujoy is a female-run small business, and we understand just how important 
self care and love is for one's wellbeing.

 It is all in the details...and that is what's most important to us. We promise you will love Aujoy.

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