Care instructions

It is important to care for your silk products properly in order for them to last as long as possible & maintain their silkiness.

The better you look after your silk, the better the results you will see from it!

pillowcase washing guide

You can always dry clean your silk pillowcase, but because our products are made from high quality 100% pure silk, you can also clean it other ways. You have to do it properly, but don't worry...follow our steps and it will be simple!

What am I supposed to do?


Use a mild and pH balanced liquid washing detergent. 

*watch out for chemicals and enzymes in your detergent, they can dry out silk


Hand wash or machine wash inside out with cold or lukewarm water. Machine wash on a delicate setting. Place the pillowcase in a wash bag to help avoid scratching or pulling while in the wash.


Always hang to dry your pillowcase.


Avoid exposing to direct sunlight or wringing dry.

washing machine
30 degree celsius temperature water

Never use bleach, stain remover, fabric softener or any product with enzymes or whiteners. 

fabric cleaner

If your silk creases, those creases will soften with time. You can also iron and steam your silk on a low heat setting.

DO NOT steam your silk if you do not have a low heat setting. If the steam is too hot, it will burn the natural fibres of the fabric. 

Ironing your silk while still damp can help prevent over-drying.

clothing iron

What is the Cloosiv integration with Square?

Locations using Square as their point-of-sale provider, can receive and report Cloosiv mobile orders directly inside the Square mobile app and Square Register.

How do I connect Cloosiv with my Square Account?

Login to the Cloosiv Merchant Portal and navigate to Settings, from there:

  1. Scroll to the bottom and select "Add Square"
  2. When prompted, login with your Square credentials
  3. Select the business you want to connect
  4. Grant Cloosiv access to record transactions
  5. Select the location you'd like to connect
Cloosiv orders are now set to appear directly in your Square sales report!

How do I receive orders in my Square app?

Verify that the "Order Queue" toggle is on from the Cloosiv Merchant Portal, from there:

  1. When a new order is placed, it will appear as a pop up in you Square app
  2. Select "View Now" to review the order immediately
  3. Select "View Later" to review the order shortly from the left-hand menu
  4. Click on the new order to review the information
  5. Select "Mark as In Progress" -> "Mark as Ready" -> Mark as Complete

Can I copy my inventory from Square to the Cloosiv app?

Unfortunately, because most businesses don't build their Square menu to be customer-facing, we've opted to keep inventory management separate. You'll continue to manage the inventory available on Cloosiv from the Cloosiv Merchant Portal.

Can I print receipts for Cloosiv orders on Square?

Yes! Follow these steps to setup automatic or manual receipt printing on your Square app:

  1. Select "Settings"
  2. Select "Printer Settings"
  3. Select "Manual" or Automatic" from the printing option
Once selected, orders will print based on your selection.

Will Cloosiv orders be included in my Square deposits?

Not yet! We've launched the first phase of the integration, to inject orders directly into your Square app, as well as include simple reporting. We'll continue to process deposits separately for now.

Will customers still receive order notifications?

Yes, when you select "Order in Progress" the customer will be notified that you've received the order, and when you select "Order Complete" the customer will be notified that the order is ready for pickup.

Will I be charged twice, once by Cloosiv and once by Square?

No! Because deposits are still process separately, you won't be charged twice. The line item in your sales report is merely there for record tracking purposes, it will not be included in your Square deposit, and therefore will not be susceptible to additional processing fees.

What software version do I need on the Square Register?

The order queue feature was introduced in software version 3.10 - this is the minimum update required to accept Cloosiv orders from your Square Register.