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Care instructions

It is important to care for your silk products properly in order for them to last as long as possible & maintain their silkiness.

The better you look after your silk, the better the results you will see from it!

a gir sleeping on the aujoy silk pillowcase with a scrunchie on her arm.

pillowcase washing guide

You can always dry clean your silk pillowcase, but because our products are made from high quality 100% pure silk, you can also clean it other ways. You have to do it properly, but don't worry...follow our steps and it will be simple!

What am I supposed to do?


Use a mild and pH balanced liquid washing detergent. 

*watch out for chemicals and enzymes in your detergent, they can dry out silk


Hand wash or machine wash inside out with cold or lukewarm water. Machine wash on a delicate setting. Place the pillowcase in a wash bag to help avoid scratching or pulling while in the wash.


Always hang to dry your pillowcase.


Avoid exposing to direct sunlight or wringing dry.

washing machine
30 degree celsius temperature water

Never use bleach, stain remover, fabric softener or any product with enzymes or whiteners. 

fabric cleaner

If your silk creases, those creases will soften with time. You can also iron and steam your silk on a low heat setting.

DO NOT steam your silk if you do not have a low heat setting. If the steam is too hot, it will burn the natural fibres of the fabric. 

Ironing your silk while still damp can help prevent over-drying.

clothing iron
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