Antibacterial 100% Mulberry Silk Face Masks

Antibacterial 100% Mulberry Silk Face Masks


The Aujoy silk mask has 3 layers of antibacterial silk fabric and a protective, non-toxic filter layer!

Our mulberry silk masks are incredibly comfortable and gentle on the skin. Perfect for sensitive skin and preventing mask acne ("mascne"!). Unlike other facemasks that irritate the skin, especially after long periods of wear, our mulberry silk masks are breathable, comfortable and will keep your skin happy. Our masks provide a secure hug against your face and the hydrophobic nature of silk means you get better covid protection than with any other fabric. 


❤️ Adjustable nose piece and ear straps

❤️ Each mask includes 2 disposable PM2.5 non-toxic filters

❤️ Antibacterial fabric protects against covid and stops acne

❤️ Triple-layered 100% mulberry silk


Most masks are the perfect "breeding-ground" for bacteria, but because mulberry silk is antibacterial and hypo-allergenic, you can protect both your health and your skin. You deserve to invest in our mask.

  • Our mulberry silk masks are very durable because we use 3-ply, high quality silk, but we still recommend proper care. If you follow the same care instructions of our silk pillowcases, it will ensure that you get full wear out of your mask. 

    Masks can be machine washed on delicate or handwashed with a gentle soap. Always hang to dry and NEVER machine dry or bleach.