Deluxe Leopard Print Silk Scrunchie

Deluxe Leopard Print Silk Scrunchie


Easily tie up your hair or wear around your wrist, and it won't leave any creases in your hair!

Our real mulberry silk hair tie prevents hair breakage, is anti-frizz, antibacterial and super soft. As well, our high quality silk scrunchies will stay in your hair and deliver the perfect hold.


✨ Comfortable elastic & fabric that won't tug on your hair.

✨ Gentle silk stops hair breakage.

✨ Won't leave hair creases. 

✨ 22 momme 100% mulberry silk. Our fabric is made with non-toxic dyes and is regulated for no environmental harm.


The Aujoy leopard print scrunchie features one of our unique design that we had custom printed onto mulberry silk fabric. It is our favourite silk scrunchie yet! We hope you love it too.