The Finest Bath Set

The Finest Bath Set


*This set is avaliable for Canada only.

Experience 12 of the finest bath times with 12 of our well-loved handcrafted bath teas! 

Our bath tea soaks are handcrafted with botanicals, essential oils & natural mineral salts help to sooth the skin and renew your body. The soak is contained in a biodegradable tea bag for a lovely bath expreience that has no clean up required!


❤️ This set contains 12 aujoy bath teas


❤️ contains x3 soothing bath tea, x3 goddess bath tea, x3 cloud 9 bath tea, x3 self-love bath tea 


This set contains 3 of each magical bath tea variety. If you would like a different combination please just specify with a note at checkout and we would be happy to change the ratio for you.