Powder Blue Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Powder Blue Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


Experience the greatest beauty sleep. 


We use deluxe quality (grade 6A) 100% mulberry silk fabric with a 22 momme thickness. Our silk is all natural, hypoallergenic, made with organic, non-toxic dye and follows strict regulations. Using the highest quality silk means that your pillowcase will last longer, maintain its shine & won't pill. Real silk is anti-aging and helps prevent acne. You will no longer experience sleep-creases or messy "bed head".

❤️ It's the most gentle pillowcase you can purchase.

❤️ Zip closure to ensure the best fit on your pillow and to provide extra protection against allergens. 

❤️ Experience the wonders of silk: wake up with amazing hair and skin!

❤️ Includes x1 queen size pure mulberry silk pillowcase. 


  • Do you know why a silk pillowcase can do wonders for you?


    Silk prevents friction against your skin and your pillowcase. Not only does that stop your skin from being pulled while you move in your sleep, but it prevents pre-mature aging. Since silk is such a soft fabric, you won't wake up with skin creases on your face either.

    Silk won't absorb your face products like other fabric. You will prevent wasting expensive face creams and serums on a pillowcase that it will seep into...and your skin will receive more love.

    Hair Game-Changer

    Do you ever wake up with messy hair?

    That is because you hair pulls against the fabric of your pillowcase while you sleep and this causes breakage and tangling. With a silk pillowcase, you can dramatically reduce this. You will start seeing softer, more managable hair and hair styles that are lasting you longer because they do not get messed up as you sleep.

    Temperature Regulator

    Silk is a natural temperature regulator that will help keep your skin nice and cool in the summer, but also warm in the winter.


    Silk is a completely natural fabric and it has antibacterial and hypo-allergenic qualities! It is resistant to dust, mold, mites and fungus. Say goodbye to any irritating allergens.